Welcome to MUDLEY world
to start your trading career.
  • The world’s first free financial trading platform with no fund or capital deposit required.
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through MUDLEY Block and Risk Parameter system

All traders, from beginner to experienced levels, can learn how to control risk and manage their trading positions effectively.

Each trading positions will be safeguarded by MUDLEY Risk Parameter and MUDLEY Block system.

The higher the levels traders can achieve, more trading products, Blocks and bigger position size will become available.


Become part of MUDLEY World Community as the same team for the better performance together.

Traders from around the world with varieties of cultures and backgrounds can serve as strength to one another by sharing their mindsets and trading strategies.

to work with world top-tier financial institutions

MUDLEY World cooperate with top-tier financial institutions to provide assignments in form of quests for high ranking traders.

Trader will gain more experience level and increase opportunity to work with top-tier institutions when completing each quest.